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Wayne, Carly (2023) - WashU Expert: Trauma, histories of victimhood will influence Israeli responseThe Source.

Smith, Amy Eric & Carly Wayne (2018) Religious Conflict in Jerusalem May Not Have Political SolutionsMischiefs of Faction.

Wayne Carly (2017). Will the Office of the Presidency Trigger the Long-awaited Trump Pivot? Conflict & Peace, Research & Development.

Wayne Carly, Nicholas Valentino and Marzia Oceno (2016). How Sexism Drives Support for Donald Trump. The Monkey Cage



PI: National Science Foundation Grant (S&P 2023-2025)

Collaborative Research: Interpersonal Pathways to Radicalization & Deradicalization

Co-PIs: Taylor Carlson & Erin Rossiter

Offering insights for policymakers seeking to deescalate and disrupt patterns of interpersonal radicalization

Bridging the Gap Fellow

New Era Foreign Policy Conference

Washington D.C., March 2016

Bringing together a network of policy-oriented scholars to invigorate the foreign policy community with fresh ideas and avenues for research


Editor, Plug-In Middle East 
Institute for Policy & Strategy, IDC Herzliya

October 2014-July 2015

Providing macro-level risk assessment on regional national security issues for the policy community  

NGO Development Consultant

BenOr Strategic Communications & Consulting

March 2011-March 2012

Advising peace & development non-profit organizations on strategies for professionalization, fundraising, public relations, and program development

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