Risk or Retribution: How Citizens Respond to Terror

Dissertation Research

The Goldilocks Problem of Counterterrorism

Dissertation Research

al-Qaeda in Their Own Words: Process Tracing Terrorist Tactics & Motives

Dissertation Research

Data Collection in Progress

The Co-evolution of State & Militant Strategic Interactions in Israel/Palestine

Data Collection in Progress

Never Again: The Holocaust & Political Legacies of Genocide

with Yuri Zhukov

Predicting Counterinsurgency War Outcomes: External Support and Rebel Capacity

with Anita Ravishankar & Isaac Jenkins

Revise & Resubmit, Journal of Peace Research

Communicating Cybersecurity: Citizen Risk Perception of Cyber-threats

with Nadiya Kostyuk

Revise & Resubmit, Journal of Global Security Studies

Do the Means Match the Ends?Exploring the Connection between Terrorist Tactics & Motives

with Roya Talibova

They Hate Our Freedom? A New Global Dataset on Terrorist Group Motives

with Roya Talibova

Data Collection in Progress

Why Didn't Clinton Widen the Gap? Gender, Feminism and the 2016 Presidential Vote

with Nicholas Valentino & Marzia Oceno

Mowing the Grass: Assessing the Efficacy of Israel's Conflict Management Tactics

with Charles Crabtree

The Limits of Religious Tolerance: Identity, Principle, and Pragmatism in Judgments of Religious Discrimination

with Ted Brader

Data Collection in Progress